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StyleCop 4.3

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StyleCop 4.3 Rules

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The StyleCop tool provides warnings that indicate style and consistency rule violations in C# code. The warnings are organized into rule areas such as documentation, layout,
naming, ordering, readability, spacing, and so forth. Each warning signifies a violation of a style or consistency rule. This section provides an explanation of each of the default StyleCop rules.

Documentation Rules

Rules which verify the content and formatting of code documentation.

Layout Rules

Rules which enforce code layout and line spacing.

Maintainability Rules

Rules which improve code maintainability.

Naming Rules

Rules which enforce naming requirements for members, types, and variables.

Ordering Rules

Rules which enforce a standard ordering scheme for code contents.

Readability Rules

Rules which ensure that the code is well-formatted and readable.

Spacing Rules

Rules which enforce spacing requirements around keywords and symbols in the code.



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