thebeebs | February 2008
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Hotmail Outage

by thebeebs 26. February 2008 11:06

Seems like Microsoft Live account services have been down for most of the day. It's strange as I had no idea just how much I relied on my live login. I use it for everything I can, my Microsoft money account, MSN messenger and of course Hotmail. Seems like the case for open Id ( and de-centralised authentication is stronger than ever. At least then if the identity service stops working it's your problem and not the service provider.

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Otex Stings

by thebeebs 25. February 2008 13:19

Note to self.. Check the eye drop bottle before applying. Three otex ear drops in the eye stings like hell.

Other than trying to remove the wax from my eyeballs today I decided to find a recipe to make ribs. Ribs are tough to come across these days. Years ago my mum used to go to the butchers and ask for the waste ribs (This was way before ribs were marketed as spare-ribs). I remember the ribs had almost zero meat on them so I'd always call them bones. Apparently that really embarrassed mum when I'd ask, in front of my teacher, if we were having bones for dinner; I suspect our teacher was one digit away from dialling social services.

You wouldn't believe how hard it has come to find some ribs which aren't in some marinade. Waitrose's meat counter was closed, ASDA don't have a butchers anymore (tramps) and Morrisons butcher seemed offended that I'd asked for "the waste meat" he pointed toward the back of the shop and exclaimed "over their" -  By the way that "their" was not a grammatical mistake, he was the exact sort of person that doesn't understand the difference between there and Their. I felt like reminding him about the numerous exams he must have failed to end up working at a fake butchers (they probably don't even have to cut the meat up) anyway I got the ribs and began the hunt for a recipe.

The things some people call a recipe are shocking, have the following listed as a recipe:

1 pkg. 15-minute meat marinade
2/3 c. cold water
4 lb. pork spare ribs

How bad a cook do you have to be to need this sort of recipe? Surely this is more directions as apposed to a recipe, I wonder if someone somewhere is thinking: Ok I've got ribs, Water and 15 minute marinade...if only I had a recipe to turn this into a meal.

I wonder what the shortest recipe in the world is, may I offer up:

Cheese Crunch Suprise

  • 1 Pkt Of Wotsits (Cheetoes if your American)
  • 2 Slice of bread

If you beat it let me know in the comments.

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How to stop teenage drinking

by thebeebs 21. February 2008 01:24

Seems like the government and supermarkets can't sort out the problem of selling alcohol to young children. Apparently reducing the price of alcohol doesn't effect the amount that's consumed, the price apparently is inelastic.

I have a two-prong strategy to solve the problem.

1. When kids want to buy alcohol the cashier should have to check there profile on myspace and check their age. If they're not on myspace or bebo they probably aren't cool enough to be buying alcohol in the first place.

2. White lightning and all other bottled ciders and extra strength larger's should have government warning stickers like cigarettes do , however, they should ensure they relate to youngsters. So instead of: "Smoking Seriously damages the health of you and those around you" it should read "My mums a rat!" and instead of "Smoking damages your unborn children" it should read "If you drink this your a massive gaylord"

Implement these two policy's and underage drinking will be abolished.