thebeebs | January 2009
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Explore Stack Trace

by thebeebs 22. January 2009 14:04

You have to love Resharper! Every week I find a new tool or a shortcut that brings joy to my heart. I felt the 'resharper rush' earlier today when I stumbled on the Explore stack Trace feature.

When you find your self debugging an exception in the deep dark depth of some old code it can be a real pain. Picking through a stack trace that's  as clear as a steal window isn't my idea of fun, but fear not, Resharper 's got your back!


When an exception throws the pop up box below appears, imageclick on Copy exception detail to the clipboard then pop along to the Resharper menu and select "Explore Stack Trace" or key CTRL+ E + T

You then end up with a pretty little stack trace window that's not only clearer to look at, but also gives you hyperlinks that will take you directly to the error lines. Pretty snazzy, don't you think?




by thebeebs 18. January 2009 15:00

I just heard my cousin died today at 5pm. She died after a heart attack brought on by a car accident. She was only 33 and it really made me think about life and how fleeting it all is.  She'd only just passed her driving test after years of trying, I remember how happy she'd been with passing when I saw her just before Christmas. We spoke at length about life, our childhood and the future. She'd just bought a house and seemed to have her life on track after having to deal with some pretty awful things in her life.

I'm writing this 1 hour after being told of her death and I wanted to write this note as a little reminder to myself for the future. However, bad things are going, however tight money gets, however hard you work; never lose sight of the important things in life; friends and family. Money can never bring you happiness like the smile of a loved one.

R.I.P Carol 1975-2009


PEX probably better than PEZ

by thebeebs 15. January 2009 05:49

pez I really hate writing unit tests however, this sits oddly with my anally retentive passion of achieving 100% code coverage. You can therefore imagine my elation when I heard about PEX; a whitebox testing tool that generates unit tests automatically, converts them to C#, adds them into your test solution and achieves 100% code coverage. I Haven't been so excited since I got my Amiga.

It seems to catch alot of basic errors by reviewing your code and generating inputs that it thinks will trip it up. All the tests that are generated can be saved and added into your solution so they can be used again making it perfect for regression testing.


For an Introto PEX check out This videoNikolai Tillmann and Peli de Halleux give a short tutorial on Pex, showing us how to get started with Pex in Visual Studio, starting from an (untested) piece of C# code. The video is also a masterclass in how to manufacture a forced unnatural conversation whilst demoing your product :)