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Pre-Order Wii U

by Administrator 18. April 2012 06:50

We all know how difficult it can be to purchase the latest Nintendo technology, and I don't think the upcoming Wii U will be any exception. If you think back to when the first Wii console was released shortly before the Christmas rush it was nigh on impossible to get your hands on one. People were forking out way over the odds on ebay so they could play Wii Tennis on Christmas Day. It was bit ridiculous. I imagine it will be the same this year with the Wii U.

Preorder Wii UNow, for those in the know it was actually quite easy to pick up a Wii on it's release from a major retailer for not a penny over RRP. I registered with a website which monitored all the major retailers and displayed alerts when a retailer (Argos, John Lewis, Amazon, etc) had any in stock. As soon as they listed them it was possible to jump to their website and order away, in multiple (for your friends of course)!

I recommend this year you stay ahead of the game. Keep your eye on which will, come crunch time, let you get your hands on a Wii U.

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