thebeebs | November 2010
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by thebeebs 29. November 2010 01:55


This Movember I donated my face to raising awareness about prostate cancer.  Now I need you to donate your cold hard cash

Many of you have been happy to provide suggestions as to who I most look like, I hope you’ll be as eager with the readies.

Below I’ve listed the top 3 lookalike suggestions I’ve had… but feel free to add to this list in the comments:

Tom Selic


One of the 118118 men


and The ugly one from peep show on the episode where he tries to grow a moustache.


Thank you in advance for helping me to support men's health.


Granting Access to Twitter applications

by thebeebs 22. November 2010 15:15

I always think its fun to take a look at the applications that you have given access to via twitter. It’s in Settings>  Connections.

I often don’t recognise half the applications I have given access to.


Perhaps I should be more careful, after all, if you give an application read/write access, not only can they tweet on your behalf, they can also see your private Direct Messages.


Anyway, I'm off to do some revoking.




IE9 Platform Preview 7 is out

by thebeebs 17. November 2010 12:51

You can download the Platform Preview 7 here.  In our last preview we brought CSS3 2d Transforms in the new platform preview 7 we show the progress we have made with JavaScript Performance.

JavaScript performance is important for many web scenarios, but when you are working with HTML5 canvas, you start to realise why it is so important for the future of the web.

One of the examples that shows what's possible with a little JS and HTML5 canvas goodness is the new galactic performance test. I recommend you take a look at because well… it’s pretty awesome.For those that don't have time to download the browser I've popped up a little video of it running below: