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Meet Martin

I'm a web developer who lives in Northampton, I like indie music, design and snowboarding. I like to mention snowboarding because it makes me sound cool. I wouldn’t want to mention the fact I like chess, programming philosophy, and math puzzles; because that might make me sound like a geek.
Notable achievements to date:

  • 1990: Gold star breast stroke, Front crawl and freestyle 100m
  • 1994: Kissed a girl using a technique called ommletting (ask for more details)
  • 1994: First Dan Black Belt
  • 1994: Corby Amateur Chess Champion
  • 1996: Was knocked out of Danesholme Karate championships unfairly by a scrappy sochatoe from James Konarczak
  • 1996: Unable to hack the pace and come to terms with my crushing defeat I left karate.
  • 1996: 1998:Done Stuff
  • 1998: Started up the band skool aka (the plastic coated chocolate monkeys) toured extensivly in a disabled mini bus. Released a number of song that revolved around the chords G D and C.
  • 1999: Discoved the F chord and used it in all future songs.
  • 1999: (Jan) New management for the band in the shape of a ginger music teacher.
  • 1999: (Feb) Played our biggest gig ever at the derngate. Played one of our huge hits then bottled playing smells like teen spirit.
  • 2000: Skool broke up because of musical differences, other memebers didn't want to play 'Just wanna dance the night away' by the maveriks.
  • 2003: Found god; returned him to the appropriate authorities.
  • 2004-2007: blah blah blah
  • 2008: Wasted about ten minutes writing this rubbish intro
  • 2008: Reformed Skool
  • 2008: Disbanded Skool
  • 2009: Reuion gig for Skool... I was the only one that turned up.
  • 2010: Stareted working for Microsoft