thebeebs | March 2008
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WebKit passes Acid 3

by thebeebs 27. March 2008 10:29

Looks like the Webkit team have proved they are the leading player in standards compliance as today they have released a public build that passes the Acid 3 test.

It can be downloaded here:

I wonder how long it will take for the other browser manufacturers to catch up? Considering that the Acid 3 test, tests for things that are not actually adopted standards, whether other browsers should want to pass the test at all?



Junk Food

by thebeebs 27. March 2008 01:36

I don't like Chinese or Indian takeaways, the only takeaway I can stomach is Pizza. Since the last time I ordered a pizza was back when I was at University I thought that it was about time I 'got me some carbs'. I had a Pizza Hut Cheesy bites meat feast, Crunch chicken and Potato wedges... It was rank. The pizza was ok but the side orders were horrid. Completely devoid of flavor , I was half wondering if it really was chicken or some limp greasy Soya based rubbish.

After eating it I felt dirty, the kind of dirty scrubbing can't wash. I vowed never again to order from Pizza Hut.

It got me thinking what's the worst takeaway you can get? So I turned to Google: An American chain "Outback Steakhouse" sells a dish called Cheesy Fries. 1 single portion (and bear in mind this is a side order) contains 2900 calories!




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