thebeebs | August 2009
Learn the art of website security

by thebeebs 27. August 2009 23:41


diycomSome clients especially in the Ecommerce world often want to have huge category sturctures on theirs sites. This can be tricky to do well but the new shows off a wonderful solution to this problem, large category menus on hover. I’m not sure if i like them or not they are bulky but they make a good use of the space. You can see the menus by going to and hovering over garden or rooms on the top bar.


Probably the only reason not to download IE8

by thebeebs 14. August 2009 03:50

imageAfter Reinstalling my machine I thought I should probably install IE8 again, I wondered over to the download page and unfortunately the IE team have managed to give me a really good reason not to download their browser… Apparently I'm going to get a Free Nickleback song. Luckily however, after looking at the small print, they don’t enforce the download.