thebeebs | April 2008
Learn the art of website security an C#. The same language but different accents

by thebeebs 10. April 2008 21:36

Note: Details on how to win (£50/$100) are in the last paragraph

If I talk to an American I generally understand what their saying they have different sayings, different references and different ways of spelling but 99% of the time I understand everything they say first time around. I've found if your exposed for a week to a dialect, your ear adjusts and before you know it you can pull off a half decent impersonation.

That's precisely the same for and C#;  although technically they're different languages they're actually just different accents of the same language. However it still surprises be how many people (including some developers) still see and C# as completely different languages. If you are a programmer to any reasonable level then you are one week of syntax study away from being a C# developer at the same level and visa versa.

I've been thinking of setting up a community that helps developers realize how easy it is to transition between and C#, does anyone fancy helping me develop it? Leave your details in the comments or email me at if you do. If you have a decent idea for a domain name (check it's available) then post it up here too, I'll pay the winner £50.

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