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More is less or less is more - I can never remember to care.

by thebeebs 13. March 2008 08:51

In business we’re often told that we need to be able to give the customer what ever they want, whenever they want it. Many believe this to be a key success factor for any business, However, making sure you're always there for your customer and always able to provide them with what they want will actually lead to inefficiencies that will cripple your business.

Coming from a business background rather than a computer science background has held me in good stead for a career in Web and software development. Where as most developers will come to a project and make their software do everything. I realised early on that software should be specific, if it performs it's main function and nothing else, then you’ll be able to satisfy 90% of your potential market. Is it really worth spending an extra year’s development time to satisfy the extra 10%?

If you try and make your software do everything, you soon discover you’ve invested a great deal of Research and development in hundreds of functions that only a small percentage of your users will use.

Therefore to be more profitable you should offer the customer what you have, not necessarily what they want.

If you run a restaurant, cut down your menu and focus on key dishes.

If you sell products focus on selling specific brands.

If you design websites only use one development language.

The reason this works on a large and small scale is that by concentrating on just one area you will naturally be more efficient than competitors that try to operate in multiple areas. There are greater efficiencies in operations (fewer suppliers), marketing (fewer diverse campaigns) and in sales (Smaller floor space).

Do you think that you can make more money by offering less?

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