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IE9 and Flash - The day the web broke

by thebeebs 20. June 2011 16:27

I was talking to Andrew Spooner a few weeks ago and he reported that one of his Laptops were having an issue with displaying Flash in IE9. I assumed the issue was limited to just his laptop and suggested that he uninstall and re-install flash to fix the issue. However, it turns out that the issue wasn’t just Andrews… in fact it affected anyone with IE9 + Intel HD Graphics and would result in Flash elements being drawn at the wrong position on the screen.

The fault was caused by an update from Adobe. They acknowledge the failure here and on the 31st of May they sent out an update to flash which fixes the issue.

It seems Abobe just forgot to test IE9 across all major graphics cards. Which is a little bit complacent… but everyone makes mistakes I guess. With that said it’s good to see they solved the issue so quickly.

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