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[14 Nov 2010 | 0 Comments]

I took a look at last night and noticed a simple yet effective treatment that they put on their pictures. If you scroll the mouse over them you get a subtle overlay fade in over the image to give you more information.   Click here for a demo   Step 1 First we ne... [More]

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[10 Nov 2010 | 7 Comments]

I was looking over the .net award nominees this week and stumbled across the website. I loved the scrolling navigation so much I just had to open up visual studio and try and recreate it myself. You can see a demo here The main thing flipboard do differently is to have the logo and l... [More]

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[2 Nov 2010 | 0 Comments]

In the following post I’m going to show you how you can use the YouTube API and a little JQuery to recreate the scrolling video effect seen on You can see the demo I have created here: For this demo I’m going to set up 2 videos and scroll between to t... [More]