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Pirates love daises - a HTML5 game

18. December 2010 by thebeebs 3 Comments

Pirates love daisesPirates love daises is a game developed by Grant Skinner written using HTML5 and JavaScript. And it available to play here

Now I must have been off sick when they covered this in school, but apparently pirates love daises? Who knew. In this game it's your job to recruit a crew of pirates to protect your stash of daises from being stolen. Grant talks about the reason they chose daises and the games development over at the companies blog.

It’s really fast in IE9

We’ve been getting up on stage and talking about IE9 performance a great deal recently. Pirates love daises shows that IE9 isn’t just fast on test suites, it’s also fast on real world sites. The game works in IE9 Beta, Firefox 3.6, Safari 5 and Chrome 6 and higher. Giorgio Sardo  tested the game in all the latest browsers and the table below shows the performance on his machine:



Firefox 3.6

Firefox 4b7

Chrome 8

Chrome 10

Safari 5.0.2

Opera 11

Full Game Excellent Very Bad (crash) Bad Good Terrible NA
Simplified Game Excellent Terrible (crash) Very Bad Good Terrible (good/bug?)
CPU (%) 13 49 NA 44 48 45 40
Memory (MB) 100 144 NA 175 143 180 240


Start developing With Canvas

If you’ve not looked into developing using the HTML5 canvas element, take a look at a basic tutorial I wrote earlier this month. If you interested in developing your own HTML5 games then you can also use the Easel JS Library that the team created to make future game development easier, it can be found here:

Game Overview


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