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22. January 2009 by thebeebs 0 Comments

You have to love Resharper! Every week I find a new tool or a shortcut that brings joy to my heart. I felt the 'resharper rush' earlier today when I stumbled on the Explore stack Trace feature.

When you find your self debugging an exception in the deep dark depth of some old code it can be a real pain. Picking through a stack trace that's  as clear as a steal window isn't my idea of fun, but fear not, Resharper 's got your back!


When an exception throws the pop up box below appears, imageclick on Copy exception detail to the clipboard then pop along to the Resharper menu and select "Explore Stack Trace" or key CTRL+ E + T

You then end up with a pretty little stack trace window that's not only clearer to look at, but also gives you hyperlinks that will take you directly to the error lines. Pretty snazzy, don't you think?



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