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Facebook integrating windows live messenger

30. April 2008 by thebeebs 0 Comments

Did you here you can now use messenger directly in Facebook?

It's an interesting Facebook application developed by Microsoft that uses the Windows Live APIs, Presence APIs  and the Facebook API to enable integration between Facebook and the live messenger networks.

It means that you can view the interconnection between your Facebook and messenger networks, allowing you to import Facebook contacts into messenger and visa versa. It also enables users to anonymously send messages to your messenger account without logging in.

To be honest its popularity will be limited due to the recent Facebook chat application and the CAPTCHA requirements when chatting but it is an interesting and thought provoking application none the less.

The video below around 16 minutes in, explains how Microsoft integrated their ASP.net application with Facebook, going into detail about the frameworks and APIs that they used. An interesting watch for anyone, like me, that's new to Facebook development.



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