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No I can’t fix your computer

11. October 2010 by thebeebs 1 Comments

Cartoon Frame 1. Bill:What Do you do at work. Thebeebs: Well I talk about technology Cartoon Frame 2. Thebeebs: I Show them how to use new frameworks and how to get the most from out latest technology Cartoon frame 3. Geoff: Do you know what the bees does at work. Bill: I Think he fixes computers

Now I'm used to people not understanding what I do for a living… I'm not entirely sure myself sometimes. Yesterday I got a Facebook message from a guy that really took the biscuit:


Facebook message from an old friend asking me to fix an Iphone

Now a few things:

  1. I work for Microsoft not Apple
  2. Even if I did work for Apple… jail breaking is against your terms and conditions.
  3. We haven’t spoken in 10 years and this is the first thing you ask me
  4. I don’t fix phones either.


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