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BDD and C# – I Need your help

11. November 2009 by thebeebs 5 Comments

Just read this blog on BDD seems very interesting as it addresses a problem that I’ve come across allot… understanding what a users wants and formalising it in a way that the user can understand and the developer can work too.


I had a brief look at some of the tools Cucumber etc and it seemed apparent that none of them would fit nicely into my actual development environment.


What I like about BDD mainly is the language so for the moment that's all I'm going to take from it.

I’ll write the following in my comments and use it as a base to craft my unit tests.


Now an immediate problem I can see is that my scenarios test allot more than I'd want to do in one test, so I'll need to create more than one unit test per scenario.


Has anyone worked with BDD in C#? am I missing something? Help my out with your comments.


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