Computers are your Bitch

In life if you ask your girlfriend to do something for you there's around a 50% chance they do it. First they need to make sure they remember and secondly they have their own brains and can choose whether or not they can actually be bothered to dress up as a police woman for the third time that week. Computers are different, computers are your bitch, like a dog who thinks you have a treat in your pocket they blindly follow your instruction… to the letter. Every error in an application is down to a human somewhere along the line giving the computer the wrong instruction. The instruction may be in the operating system, it might be in another application but it’s never the computer getting the sums wrong.

To speak to a computer you need to learn a language, we are going to learn C# as it’s one of the most popular web programming languages in the world and I’ve never come up against a real world problem that it wasn’t able to solve. It’s also has a structure and a syntax that is very common amongst many languages for example once you’ve mastered C# it won’t take you long to understand Java or PHP.

C# pronounced C Sharp was developed by Microsoft and has a very similar style to C++ and Java which are both derivatives of the C language, developed along with flares and Fondue in the 1970s. C is famously the language used to develop UNIX which is the precursors to LINUX and Apple… ok enough computer history, I’m getting bored myself.

C# is an object Orientated language, which means that you can develop your code in small modules which you then plug together. This approach makes it easier for large groups of developers to work together and collaborate and ensures that code is shared and reusable; hopefully ensuring people in the same teams don’t write the same code twice. Object Orientated Programming OOP is a complicated mind screw, so we’ll look at this later on in the book after we’ve got the basics of C# under our belts.

To write C# web pages you’ll want to download an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), if you can get a copy of Visual Studio 2008 or 2005 then that’s great, but it does come with quite a hefty price tag. Luckily however there are a few free alternatives such as:  VS Express Edition, MonoDevelop, xacc.ide or CSharp Studio

Although you could use a program as simple as notepad to write a C# website I wouldn’t recommend it, it’s so 1999.