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16. July 2009 by thebeebs 1 Comments

image The better a developer I become the more I appreciate simple solutions. Today whilst looking around the web I noticed a wonderfully simple user interface enhancement which Identified and solved a common problem.

It’s an unwritten rule that on a website you hit the logo to go to the homepage, every developer knows this but inexperienced users might not. That’s why I really liked this simple JavaScript helper on Overstock.com. As you hover over the image a simple “Go to homepage” link is displayed.


It’ probably  a good idea to remember that if you run a very popular site there is a good chance that at least one visitor to your site will have less than a months experience on the web, and might not always be familiar with common web conventions… you should never say the words “Everyone knows that” because it’s rarely true, unless the statement happens to be “Michael Jackson is Dead”.

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