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JQuery stopped me learning the Kazoo

8. September 2009 by thebeebs 0 Comments

image Before this morning I didn’t know what jQuery.noConflict() was, all I knew was some code I had ‘borrowed’ had broken all the JavaScript on a site I was working on.

This was because jQuery.noConflict() disables the $ selector and means rather than doing $(‘#YourId’) you have to do jQuery(‘#YourId’’). It’s a fix to stop Jquery Interfering with other JavaScript libraries that also use the $ sign.

Unfortunately I only discovered that the jQuery.noConflict() was included the code I'd borrowed after two hours of trying every other, soul sapping, mind numbing, finger cramping Jquery performance Tweek ever invented. So there you have it: Jquery Just made me less productive for 2 hours. That's time in which I could have developed a new skill, perhaps I could have learnt to play the kazoo.


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