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PEX probably better than PEZ

14. January 2009 by thebeebs 0 Comments

pez I really hate writing unit tests however, this sits oddly with my anally retentive passion of achieving 100% code coverage. You can therefore imagine my elation when I heard about PEX; a whitebox testing tool that generates unit tests automatically, converts them to C#, adds them into your test solution and achieves 100% code coverage. I Haven't been so excited since I got my Amiga.

It seems to catch alot of basic errors by reviewing your code and generating inputs that it thinks will trip it up. All the tests that are generated can be saved and added into your solution so they can be used again making it perfect for regression testing.


For an Introto PEX check out This videoNikolai Tillmann and Peli de Halleux give a short tutorial on Pex, showing us how to get started with Pex in Visual Studio, starting from an (untested) piece of C# code. The video is also a masterclass in how to manufacture a forced unnatural conversation whilst demoing your product :)


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