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Strange duplicate definition.

8. November 2008 by thebeebs 0 Comments

Error: Duplicate Definition of IProduct possibly missing keyword partial.

I had a weird error today (above) which indicated I had a duplicate definition for in interface called IProduct. Now this is often caused by having IProduct declared in another file but I hunted around and couldn't find it... turns out it was an Intelisense error, a rebuild was successful indicating there was no actual problem but the red underline remained in my source code. Restarting Visual studio fixed the error... Seem the Interface must have been cached.

The only thing that I can think that may have caused this was reloading a new version of a file from out side of the environment that at one stage did contain the duplicate... the reload created the new file but it seems the interface that it used to contain was not removed from the intellisense cache.

Please comment if you’ve had this issue.

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