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IE8 Install

25. April 2009 by thebeebs 3 Comments

ie8-install The new IE 8 is out and it's gaining traction. Already it's more popular than both chrome and opera and ater the windows update run I imagine it'll be way above 5% by the end of the month.

I've have mixed feeling about the IE8 update, I can't understand why it requires a reboot, The firefox upgrade from 2 to 3 was so much smoother. On my work machine, a windows 2003 server, IE8 won't install after upgrading it simply closes as soon as I open it. Tried to uninstall and reinstall twice and still no joy. At mome on my windows vista box the experiance has been far less painfull, I accepted the windows update and the next day I got prompted to choose my search settings; simple.

Let me know your IE install experiances in the comments.

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