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If you buy Twitter you’re an Idiot

5. May 2009 by thebeebs 0 Comments

mm_twitter Apple, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo… if any of you guys buy Twitter then you are idiots. Despite the fact that twitter is a great service doesn’t it seem sort of silly to spend billions of dollars on a product that would take, any software house worth their salt, less than a month to develop? Would it not make more sense to make your own then spend the rest of the cash on advertising?

It seems that software companies are buying up successful websites with a plan to monetise them by simply adding advertising.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to purchase websites that already make money - perhaps not through advertising - then look to expand their popularity?

I suppose what my argument boils down to is this, software companies should be taking products that have potential and developing to make them more popular rather than taking popular products and adding advertising. Call me old fashioned but I’d rather software companies invested in developing great products rather than monetising other peoples.

  • Apple you need to get to work on your OS because it’s still too hard for stupid people like me to use.
  • Google you should be concentrating on that browser you spent millions on developing that's not got more than 2% market share.
  • Microsoft you should be concentrating your money and effort on a successful windows 7 launch
  • and Yahoo well you should be sitting in front of a mirror slapping yourself because you should have taken the Microsoft deal last year when you had a decent stock price.

Rant over.

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