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Why am I so IphonePhobic?

19. February 2008 by thebeebs 1 Comments

What is it with me everytime an Iphone Advert comes on TV I get all pissed off! And I'm not sure why, I'm not sure why I hate Iphones so much but I really, really do. I also hate Macs and I think the resentment stems from this hate. The real root though isn't the computer, the computer works great, it also looks good the real problem is the smug mac users that want to tell you, every wakening second, how great their mac is.

It Just works! That's what were told by Mac enthusiasts... but so does my PC I tell them... I haven't seen a blue screen of death for over 2 years and if your PC does crash it's probably because it's ancient or was put together by your dads fat mate in his porn shed.

It's just so much more secure. No its not! IE7 is only unsecure when idiots choose to download their security update patches from porn sites! Oh what's that popup obscuring this depraved porno! It's telling me my computer is at risk! Thank god they highlighted the warning message in red and made it flash other wise I'd be surfing the Internet un protected!


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