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I Lost my heart to a Javascript library

6. October 2008 by thebeebs 0 Comments

I have something horrible to admit… until this Sunday I had no idea what jQuery was. I know what you're thinking! Shock horror... It seems I was the only developer on the block that hasn't been suckling from jQuerys bountiful teat. Up until Sunday I used the YUI animation framework blissfully unaware of the open source JavaScript goodness that has been literally jumping up and down infront of my face screaming: check me out, check me out.

Well I've checked it out and I'm happy to report I've dumped YUI and fallen head over heals in love with jQuery.

I’ve been side tracked so much lately with the Entity framework and MVC that I completely missed the boat with jQuery. Luckily, however, it seems the masters of Microsoft have been keeping their eye on the ball and have, rather oddly, decided to open there arms and embrace an open source framework.

Microsoft's plans to integrate jQuery into Visual Studio really makes allot of sense because despite their best efforts, the Ajax animation extenders just aren't as flexible or as useful as the numerous open source JavaScript libraries out there.

I hope that we continue to see Microsoft integrating and working with OpenSource rather than running parallel projects along side them.

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